DP's Shehu Asks Whereabouts of 15,000 Doses of Vaccines Expected to Come to Albania from Italy

When January is ending no Covid vaccines promised by PM Edi Rama have been received by Albania in the second or third week of this month, said the senior official of the Democratic Party (DP), Tritan Shehu.
The public needs to be informed and informed of the entire vaccination calendar, at least by the end of 2021, said Shehu in a post on social media on Tuesday.
"This is what the EU wants, this is what Ambassador Luigi Soreca demanded, who accused our Government of not preparing that program, which is blocking the EU now, but also COVAX later to develop a concrete support for us," he said.
In the meantime Shehu, a former health minister, put the question where the 15,000 doses destined for Albania by the EU through Italy and stored in the Spallanzani Institute are and why they are not reaching this Balkan country.
Shehu suspected that this is related to the failure of the Government to erect the relevant vaccination infrastructure without which no one can help.
"Only smugglers can bring something without these elements, violating the rules of "drug safety" and "pharmacological vigilance", which harms much more in all aspects," the DP official concluded.

Earlier on Tuesday President Ilir Meta said a clear plan on the efficient management of the situation, the tangible improvement of the conditions in the hospitals, the increase of protective measures for the doctors and nurses and especially for the vaccination of the population, which should have been framed since long time, is needed./argumentum.al