EU Pledges Support to Albania in COVID Response and Vaccines

The EU will continue providing concrete support to the Albanian citizens, has said the Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Tirana, Luigi Soreca.
The Ambassador said that at a meeting with Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka during which there was constructive exchange of views between EU Ambassadors and the Minister on Albania's EU integration, COVID response and vaccines, and CFSP alignment.
"Albania will continue its work to move towards the first IGC, the EU will continue providing concrete support to the Albanian citizens," said Soreca in a post on Twitter.
Earlier it was announced that for
ensuring united front to beat COVID19 and early access to vaccines, EU Commission will set up mechanism to structure provision of vaccines shared by Member States, with special attention to Western Balkans and neighbourhood.
Speaking to the plenary of the European Parliament on the EU's global strategy on COVID-19 vaccination Commissioner Kyriakides said that fair access to vaccines can be ensured through multilateralism. In this frame he said EU is among the architects of COVAX at a very early stage of the pandemic with this exact goal in mind.
"We are also working with Member States to propose a European mechanism to share vaccines beyond our borders, especially before COVAX is fully operational," he said.
""We will provide grants for €70 million to the Western Balkans, so that they can buy vaccines from our Member States," said
Commissioner Kyriakides. /