FM Promotes Albania's Drive to Open EU Accession Talks in Conversation with Head of Portuguese EU Presidency

Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka held an online communication with her counterpart, Portuguese Foreign Minister Augustos Santos Silva on Tuesday focusing on the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council regarding the enlargement dossier, according to an official announcement released by the press office of the foreign ministry.
Ms. Xhacka informed him about the reforms undertaken in Albania in fulfilling the requirements of the March 2020 Council.
Portugal, which has taken over the Presidency of the Council of the EU, from 1 January to 30 June 2021 is committed, under the motto for action, to advance the work for the approval of the negotiating framework for Albania and the holding of the first Intergovernmental Conference within June 2021.
North Macedonia also hopes to start such talks but it's case is linked with a veto by Bulgaria, an EU member.
The Portuguese chief diplomat told Minister Xhacka that the reforms undertaken so far by Albania are on the right track and that Portugal's interest is to maintain the credibility of the EU in the region through the implementation of the decisions taken. Xhaçka thanked his counterpart Silva for the support that Portugal has shown in Albania's advancement on the road to the EU, and for the clear prioritization of the remaining work on the enlargement dossier.
Both interlocutors assessed the impact of the pandemic in the respective countries and committed to continue contacts to find imperative solutions, to combat its consequences, including cooperation on vaccines.
It's not mentioned if the top diplomat shared with the Portuguese EU President the latest worries expressed publicly by PM Edi Rama on the unjust distribution of the vaccines by the Union.