German Ambassador to Skopje on Dispute between North Macedonia and Bulgaria

There are good neighborly relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Bulgaria was the first to recognize North Macedonia as an independent state and is a strong supporter of the Europeanization of the whole region, especially as regards the process of rapprochement of North Macedonia with the EU. These were some of the main points highlighted by the German Ambassador to Skopje, Anke Holstein In an interview with TV 24.

"Furthermore, there is a Friendship Treaty and I think it should be filled with life and therefore implemented," Ambassador Holstein said, as quoted by Focus new agency.

Holstein stressed that Germany will remain a strong supporter of North Macedonia. It is important, she said, to use the time for reform and bring Europe to North Macedonia.

The German Ambassador quoted the Elysée Treaty as an example, stressing that it did not mention any obstacles such as identity, language and history between France and Germany.

"The Elysée Treaty was signed 18 years after the end of World War II and ended the so-called "natural rivalry" between the two countries, creating a political, legal and symbolic basis for mutual cooperation,” the Ambassador said.

With regard to the European Union, she stressed that it is a community based on shared values: democracy, rule of law, independent judiciary, free media and full equality for all.

"These are values on which the EU as a whole is founded and this is our slogan "unity in diversity". We must not tolerate in the Member States the development of events that are far from these values," Holstein said. /