Italian Ambassador Furious about ‘Denigrating Offenses’ Towards Senator Casini

The Italian ambassador to Tirana, Fabrizio Bucci, has reacted after an article published in a local daily, where Pier Ferdinando Casini is mentioned in the frame of the wiretaps of Ndragheta whose content has been published by Albanian media since a few days.

The ambassador's letter, which was released by local media on Wednesday, said denigrating and insulting words were used, albeit in quotation marks, referring to President Pier Ferdinando Casini, senator of the Italian Republic in a short article.

President Casini is a high Italian institutional figure who, during his rich career at national and international level, has always served the Italian Republic with maximum respect for the state and institutions, said the Ambassador.

He pointed out that the Albanian political confrontation, although in high tones, cannot and should not absolutely reach the point where it casts even the slightest doubt on the integrity of a high representative of Italian institutions such as President Casini.

"I cannot tolerate this now and I will not tolerate it in the future. Freedom of the press is sacred and Italy has protected it and will always protect it. But this freedom cannot reach unjustified personal attacks, moreover to hit others," said Ambassador Bucci, who added that unfortunately the published article is an insult to all Italians.

"For all these reasons, I would like to express my deep indignation, all my regret and shock, as an ambassador and as an Italian citizen, for the article published against President Casini and for the damage caused to the image of Italy. /