Kosovo's PM Pledges Supply of Schoolbooks for Albanian Community in Presevo Valley

Kosovo’s acting Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has received political representatives of Albanians living in Presevo Valley and promised them to send schoolbooks when the new school year starts in September in 2021 there, reported GazetaExpress on Monday.
Hoti warned that Kosovo might reintroduce reciprocity measures with Serbia if Belgrade authorities try to ban sending Albanian schoolbooks to the Presevo Valley.
Appearing in a press conference with the political representatives of Albanians living in Serbia, Hoti recalled that one of his first decisions as Kosovo prime minister was abolishing tariffs and ask reciprocity with Serbia enabling resumption of the EU-facilitated dialogue.
“This was valid for a certain period of time, for several months, and as soon as this [dialogue] process comes to an end or is concluded with mutual recognition, we will reintroduce all reciprocity measures. Every measure that Serbia introduces, we will have the right to apply the same,” Hoti said.
However the PM stressed that he didn't not believe such actions will be needed considering that both parties are making progress towards reaching a final agreement.

Hoti held talks with political representatives of the Presevo Valley to draft a working program for the latter's Office which was established earlier. He said that one of the tasks of this office is to analyse the social end economic situation of Albanians living in Serbia.