Mustafa and Pacolli to Confirm First Pre-electoral Alliance in Kosovo Poll

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) led by Isa Mustafa and Alliance New Kosova (AKR) of Behgjet Pacolli are expected to enter a pre-electoral coalition and run under one list in upcoming election set to be held on 14 February, according to
Gazeta Express on Tuesday.
Jetlir Zyberaj, advisor to Pacolli said the LDK-AKR will make official their alliance on Tuesday afternoon. “The negotiations with LDK are about to be concluded. I believe that today the coalition deal will become official and reveal modalities of such a deal,” Zyberaj said. He said that up to ten AKR candidates will be in the LDK-led election list.
The Constitutional Court of Kosovo has ruled that the country must hold snap election because parliament’s confirmation of the Government in June 2020 only passed because of an invalid vote by an MP who was convicted of fraud with a final court’s decision.