Ndragheta File Involving Albanian Politicians Isn't Closed, Shocking Revelations Expected

The Ndragheta file has not been closed by the Italian prosecution as investigations are ongoing, has revealed the Albanian-Italian journalist, Alba Kepi.
Speaking in an interview on a local TV on Tuesday evening, Kepi, who has been among the first to report some of the most serious scandals of the Albanian connections with the Italian mafia, said that the affairs are shocking.
She was particularly angry because certain media outlets in Albania are not only silent, but they also play the advocacy role in some cases of these shocking affairs.
The journalist rejected the claims of Prime Minister Edi Rama that the Ndragheta file has been closed declaring that the probe is in progress and shocking affairs are expected.
She confirmed of having talked about this issue with the anti-mafia prosecutor, Nicola Gratteri, emphasizing that the Albanian media is not doing anything to uncover the serious story.
"I read the "cheap fabrications" of fellow journalists who have no idea what the mafia is! I ask: How dare they talk about something they do not know and have not read? Is the delirium of greatness so strong or is it the "pact with the devil" that pushes them to speak and write in vain," the journalist said. /argumentum.al