New Contingent of Albania's Military Police Leaves for Afghanistan

Another contingent of the Military Police of Albania has started a mission at Camp Arena in Herat, Afghanistan, announced k
the Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi in a post on FB on Sunday wishing safe trip to the military.
"The next contingent we just deployed will replace their Military Police colleagues to serve at the Arena Camp in Herat on the Resolute Support mission," the Minister said, adding that Albania remains determined to meet its obligations to the Alliance and its troops are ready to serve wherever they are called.
"Albania remains determined to meet its obligations to the Alliance and our troops ready to serve wherever they are called," Peleshi said.
Albania, a NATO member since 2009, has been part of the international mission since 2010. The country currently has 99 troops in Afghanistan, located at two bases in Herat and Kabul.
A few weeks ago Albania's Defense Ministry reported the death of a soldier in Afghanistan, the second from the tiny Western Balkan country to die during the international peacekeeping mission.
The ministry said that the Albanian military,

Xhevahir Jazaj was assisting an investigation by the command of the Resolute Support Mission operation in Afghanistan, made up of around 16,000 troops from 38 countries.
Defense Minister Peleshi communicated with both army contingents in Herat and Kabul, saying that they "are our pride in relations with ... NATO and our strategic partners, the U.S. and EU." /