New FM Takes Charge of Diplomacy Lauding Lessons Learned from PM Rama

"I have learned from the Prime Minister that what we do is never enough and that there is always more to improve than to be satisfied with what we have done," said Olta Xhacka while taking charge of Albania's diplomacy in the presence of PM Edi Rama, who relinquished that post, and Gent Cakaj, the outgoing acting FM on Tuesday.

Praising highly of his government chief, Xhacka, a former Defense Minister and the closest associate of Rama in the ruling Socialist Party, expressed the strong trust that the foreign ministry should shine in every direction, because it is the example of the Albanian state in the eyes of foreigners and of Albanians abroad.

"Albania's brilliance at the helm of the OSCE is a great lesson on how much we can do if we are properly organized, if we are properly coordinated in the performance. The same should be the brilliance in the Security Council, where Albania will sit for the first time in its history after a year," said Xhacka.

In an exchange of praises PM Rama said he was very relieved that this post could pass to Olta Xhacka whom he considered as the best choice ever made.

The Ministry needs to have a leader with a full function, not only substantive, but also formal, because the challenge which was overcome with great success as the OSCE chairmanship should be taken to the end, he said, not sparing appreciation for Cakaj for his work.

On his part the outgoing acting FM said he was very proud of all the achievements of recent years at the helm of the foreign ministry, and he mentioned among others the strengthening of the Albanian factor in the Western Balkans, especially for the extraordinary work in the Presevo Valley and the unprecedented growing defense of the Republic of Kosovo, the decision to open EU membership talks, the successful chairmanship of the OSCE and the historic approach to taking a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council for 2022-2023. /