PM Announces Anti-Covid Vaccination to Be Launched in Albania on Monday

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the anti-COVID-19 vaccination starts on Monday. Although he initially stated that the first 10,750 doses of the anti-COVID vaccine would arrive in Albania in the third week of January, Rama announced at the meeting of the inter-ministerial committee of Civil Emergencies on Friday that vaccination could start earlier.
On Sunday he wrote on "Facebook" that the vaccination will start tomorrow (Monday), bringing with the hashtag the name of the campaign "Albania smiles".
"# ShqipëriaBuzëqesh☀️(Albania Smiles)
Tomorrow we start the antiCovid19💪 vaccination. Work Not Sleep," wrote Rama.
However in his announcement, Rama does not indicate the number of the vaccine doses, nor its origin.
So far it has not been reported that Albania has received any amount of vaccines, neither from Pfizer nor from any other company.
Such a development occurs after Rama's visits to Turkey and Greece, and in this frame it was said that the latter would help Albania with vaccines. In the meantime the situation of the pandemic continues to be grave as 8 fatalities and 562 new cases were confirmed on Sunday.
Earlier the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, declared that the third age will be the first, after the medical staff, in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.
Through a post on the social network facebook the SP number two emphasized that Albania started this year with more confidence in the future and in its power to face and win every challenge.
"The third age will be the first in the campaign # albaniabuzëqesh - anti-Covid vaccination19 after the medical staff," Balla said. /