PM Announces Restart of Anti- Covid Vaccination on Monday in Albania Amid a Harsh Fight to Get Vaccines

Albania has received confirmation to start to be supplied with Pfizer vaccines starting on Monday, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated in the southeastern city of Korca on Saturday.
"I have known before that we have a staff of doctors and nurses that is really to be respected and there is a big gap between the reality of their work and the perception that is nurtured. I believe that happens because of the bad experiences of the past, due to the fact that many who fortunately have not received service in recent years in the hospital and have experiences of other times. But it also feeds on disgusting cases like that of the sanitary at Covid2 hospital; there may be other cases but it cannot be devalued the colossal investment of doctors in protecting people's lives in this extraordinary period," PM said.
Among other things, the head of government commented about an unimaginable war of interests and behind the scenes of different countries to find the way to be closer to the vaccine, but stressed that there is a three- scenario scheme.
"I believe you are following what is happening with the big countries that are having a hard time guaranteeing it because Pfizer has put a stop to production by arguing that it needs time to finance the growing investment of production. It is understandably the whole planet wants the vaccine, I am glad that we managed to get out of the siege where we were found against our will and not through our own fault, along with other countries that were left out and we managed to have an agreement with Pfizer without waiting for COVAX and it is not known when it will start," Rama said.
He announced that Albania has a contract with Pfizer for 500 thousand doses. "We do not make an exception from the general, we did not have the vaccines on time, we received the confirmation that the supply from Pfizer will start on Monday, I hope we will not receive another announcement. We will start with a smaller quantity than promised, but we will come growing fast."
In addition Rama said his government had advanced negotiations with AstraZeneca and there are several other vaccines on the way to come out.
"We have a plan with three scenarios. MoH has created staff intensively for the entire training program. It is a bit specific, it is not like the flu vaccines that are done by everyone, it takes a little information. The other scenario is 18 months and the other 24. So I am sure we are on the right track in this aspect as well, concluded Rama. /