PM Blasts EU's Unacceptable Stance Regarding Vaccines' Supply for Albania

The expectations for receiving some supplies of anti-COVID vaccines from Pfizer company and two unnamed friendly countries have been accompanied with harsh criticism of PM Edi Rama towards EU considering absurd its stance towards countries like Albania.
Below are excerpts of what Rama said on Friday when he broke out the news on securing a contingent of vaccines:
"We have thus overcome in record time, I believe, in extremely unfavorable position from which we started, the gap that was opened right in the middle of Europe by the absurd decision-making, morally unacceptable, politically incomprehensible and even logically unjustifiable of the European Union.
As a person I have felt indignant and as a European I have felt ashamed. While as the Prime Minister of Albania I have felt more motivated than ever to not allow Albanians to feel excluded from the opportunity to defend themselves at the same time as other Europeans in this world war full of the risk of death.
We entered the sea on foot and managed to touch a small plot of land without any help from the EU and unlike the EU's bad example to the Balkans, we will not turn our back on Kosovo leaving it in waiting and in torturous anxiety for the start of vaccination.
Without a doubt, we will not be able to solve all this big problem for our brothers and sisters on the other side of the border, but we will not hesitate to sincerely and concretely share the problem we have just started to solve for ourselves.
We will donate a quantity for the vaccination of the 'white shirts' of the COVID hospital of Prishtina in Kosovo, so that the heroes of the front line can start the vaccination at the same time as our heroes in Tirana.
I asked the Minister of Health to communicate immediately with the counterpart in Kosovo, so that we can decide the possible amount for the staff of the COVID hospital in Prishtina."
Such a stance of PM towards EU has been blasted by opposition which has raised the question why Rama was furious with Brussels blaming him for not taking measures earlier to conclude contracts with relevant companies as other regional countries have done.
A Russian offer to supply the Sputnik V vaccine was labelled by Rama as a provocative act of the Russian Embassy in Tirana something which caused wonder for the latter while some Albanians saw in that act an 'undiplomatic' stance of the government head. /