PM Lashes Out at Media for Distorting the Truth on Ndragheta Case

Prime Minister Edi Rama has not spared ironies regarding the news circulating in the media over the last days regarding the wiretapping of the Italian anti-mafia, which also talks about the way business is done  through bribery in Albania.
"Thank you for today's communication and the opportunity to address the famous issue of Ndragheta that has come and occupied the Albanian media space with a clothing store as the Italian prosecution says," Rama told journalists present at the press conference on Tuesday.
Government head did not accept that money laundering is done in Albania asking in the meantime the journalists if they could find a country where there was not such a phenomenon.
"Is there money laundering?! Where there is not! Do you know any place where there is not. All countries fight with dirty money and they have institutions against money laundering. In Albania, the established rules are extremely strict," Rama said.

In conclusion Rama drew the attention of  journalists to the purity of the Socialist Party. /