PM Rama Says French Embassy's Complaint Irrelevant to His Position

"I have not attacked any ally, much less France in this case! I have not forgotten and I do not forget that the European Union has helped Albania, since our country came out of the prison of dictatorship until today," said PM Edi Rama.
This was part of a dialogue that Rama had on Sunday on FB with his readers with regard to the reaction of the Embassy of France in Albania on his criticism of the policy pursued by the Union towards the Balkan countries regarding the anti-Covid vaccine.
Earlier the Prime Minister described as selfish and cynical the holding of stock by France of a large amount of vaccines in a TV show talk, while the embassy considered untrue his statement through a letter sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carried by local media on Saturday.
"I have spoken about a concrete issue in a concrete situation related to the vaccine and I do not remove any commas from what I said! Leaving out the countries of our region in the distribution of the vaccine against Covid by the EU has no justification in no plan and this is understood by anyone who pretends not to understand," said Rama.
Regarding the complaint of the French embassy, ​​he said that it is unrelated to his attitude and specifically to the example of France to illustrate the idea that there was no reason not to give Balkan countries some doses for doctors at least, when they can be used all at once in any EU country.
"The complaint of the French embassy does not change anything in any direction, just as the right to think differently applies as always the same for France and Albania in this case and for the drafters of the complaint on behalf of France, as for me who speaks in name of Albania," said PM Rama who concluded by saying the French embassy wronged taking out of context what he had said.