PM Rama Says Opposition and French Embassy Are Not Right

"We have had a paper state and we are doing transformation. I have not had any trouble with the EU. Nobody stops me from expressing my opinion. But, do not deal with my opinion, but with the opinion of the WHO. The opposition and the French embassy are not right," said Prime Minister Edi Rama in a press conference on Tuesday.
Following his critical stance that the EU should have distributed vaccines to Albania and the countries of the region, Rama said WHO gives recommendations on the anti-Covid vaccination saying the world is close to a moral catastrophe for humanity.
"I am not big enough to speak on behalf of humanity, but I have my opinion as prime minister and the Albanian public thinks like me. We will not keep our mouths shut in face of clear facts. I am not the prime minister of an EU country, but I am European."
In the meantime Rama added that the opposition is showing its weak character regarding the criticism it makes.
"When the opposition was in power, it spoke in a low voice in front of anyone who spoke a foreign language. I am more French than the French themselves. We are here for a situation that is clear. We are a small country, but that does not mean we should not talk," he said adding the French Embassy in Tirana does not need to be upset.
"The EU should have target some vaccines for Albania as it cost nothing for it. We have just been left out of the game," declared Rama.
Further, he underlined that it is a great shame for those who protect the EU from him.
"I am ashamed of those who defend the EU from me as they have not spared any vulgar words unused against ambassadors, those who have offended them in the eyes of the public going to extremes… They are disgusting, as they have not left any EU representatives without making fun of them," concluded Rama. /