PM Rejects Opposition's Accusations of Serious Flooding Situation in Albania

"We have nothing to do with the political accusations and the immunization vaccine was found against Covid, while the formula for the opposition's despair vaccine has not been found," said PM Edi Rama at the extraordinary meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee of Civil Emergencies held on Friday shortly after his visit to Greece which ended with an informal meeting with his Greek counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
During his speech Rama responded to the accusations of the opposition over the situation created by the heavy floods. The Prime Minister stressed that the opposition exploits any situation to make politics, but the government will do its best in this difficult situation.
"We have a standard protocol for our civil emergencies that we have to implement and we have to continue this work intensively. The situation can not be pleasant in those areas where there are floods. But thanks to the work done in the drainage infrastructure, the cascade of Drini river there is an acceptable situation which is under control compared to those years when devastation took place", said Rama./