President Calls for 'Democratic Overthrow' in Albania in April 25 General Elections

General elections should have been held long time ago and not on April 25 in Albania, has said President Ilir Meta. However, he stated in a post on "Facebook" on Thursday that the democratic overthrow will come on April 25 this year.
"The elections should have been held long time ago. DEMOCRATIC OVERTHROW on APRIL 25, 2021" wrote the head of state in his post.
In the meantime, President Meta, in an interview last Wednesday evening, spoke at length about the current state of Albanian politics, but also about the recent wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia. In the frame of `Ndrangheta-Rilindje` were mentioned the names of senior Albanian government and local government officials in the published files which reveal that the Italian mafia intended or could have carried out the laundering of hundreds of millions of euros through the construction of towers and numerous tenders in Albania.
"The SPAK prosecution should immediately start investigations into this case," said Meta during this interview.
But PM Edi Rama is categorically against any probe. During Tuesday's press conference, he stated that he does not intend to call for an investigation, as, according to him, the Italian prosecution has closed the case and it is only a matter of eavesdropping on some delirants. The Prime Minister's statement was considered as pressure and instruction to the SPAK not to open the case for the Albanian part of this anti-mafia investigation. /