President Warns COVID-19 Isn't Fought with Propaganda, Calls for Clear Plan

President Ilir Meta has published the official data processed by "Voice of America" Radio where it is stated that the number of those affected by the pandemic is 20.4 percent more than a week ago in Albania.
According to official data processed by "Voice of America", the number of people affected by the pandemic reached 4,830, or 20.4 percent more than a week ago.
"This is the highest level recorded since the second week of last December, "said Meta in a post on social media on Tuesday.
Further on he said a clear plan on the efficient management of the situation, the tangible improvement of the conditions in the hospitals, the increase of protective measures for the doctors and nurses and especially for the vaccination of the population, which should have been framed since long time, is needed.
"COVID-19 does not stop with propaganda. "The health and life of Albanians must be an absolute priority," concluded President Meta in his alarming appeal. /