President Worried on Depopulation, Brain Drain, Rising Poverty and Loss of Trust in Albania

The situation is problematic in relation to the phenomenon of depopulation of Albania that is threatening the national perspective of the country, said President Ilir Meta in a video conference held in Tirana on Thursday.
"I wanted to thank all the professors and experts who contributed to this panel with their thoughts, ideas, and statistics. We all have a common concern, that our country, unlike other countries in the region, does not suffer a problematic emigration in levels acceptable, but is experiencing a demographic erosion based on stubborn statistics," he said.
But Meta was also worried that there is a disturbing phenomenon of lack of trust in the country. "I emphasize as the most important thing is to halt the worrying intensification of brain drain, especially of 94% of students who are abroad and do not want to return to Albania," he said.
The Head of State assessed that Albania, unfortunately, is presented today as the country with the biggest problems in the Western Balkans in terms of economic, social and migration related issues.

"Poverty has also increased in the country," said the President./