Revealed Wiretapping Case on "Ndrangheta" Construction Activity in Tirana Heats Up

Everything related to Albania should be investigated by local institutions, has said
President Ilir Meta in his reaction regarding the wiretapping of Italian authorities for the file of the mafia group 'Ndrangheta' which allegedly involves Albanian politicians.
Wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia according to which they confirm that money is being laundered by the Italian mafia through building permits, concessions and public tenders in Tirana have been made public by local media outlets on Friday.
Asked by local media on Saturday if SPAK should launch an investigation, President said the relevant bodies of this Balkan country should get engaged.
"The problem of money laundering is known by all and confirmed by many international institutions which evaluate or categorize countries in this regard. All issues refering to the latest development in Italy with regard to everything that has to do with Albania should be followed by our institutions," said Meta without mentioning SPAK by name.
SPAK has been accused by opposition of avoiding to probe into issues related to government authorities.
So the Democratic Party (DP) has reacted through former MP Grida Duma who said on Saturday that SPAK must do its job! "Albanians have sacrificed a lot and a lot has been invested by the internationals for SPAK and justice to act. The SPAK is far from what Albanians expect to crack down on politicians' corruption and bring the big fish to justice," said Duma.

Tirana Mayor Hits Back

In a tit- for- tat reaction the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, announced on Saturday that he will sue the former Democratic Party MP, Grida Duma, for defamation.
In an official reaction, Veliaj stated that no construction permit has been influenced by interest groups at the Municipality of Tirana.
"I am following through the press the wishes of some Italian mobsters to make business plans for Albania and the wishes of the Democratic Party for these plans to be real," said Veliaj. He pointed out that everyone who builds in the Municipality of Tirana has a name and surname, while building permits have transparent files on the way of financing.
"The ambition of the Italian mafia to enter the construction industry are their wishes and those of DP. We do not stop desires, but concrete actions. The only thing unverified for us remains how Grida Duma became an investor in a building years ago, ending up in fraud cases and leaving her business partners in jail. I call on the Prosecution to investigate anyone who attempts to speak on behalf of the Municipality of Tirana or any other institution regarding such stories," said Tirana's Mayor. /