Senior LSI Official Joins Ruling SP Saying Albania Needs No 'Political Experiments'

A few months before the 2021 elections to be held on April 25, the first political movement takes place on Albanian political scene. Former Minister of Justice from the ranks of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Nasip Naço and at the same time a senior exponent of this political force has crossed the 'side' by officially positioning himself with the ruling Socialist Party.
Naço announced his departure from the SMI in the city of Berat where he was with the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi during the crucifixion ceremony in Berat on Wednesday.
President Ilir Meta, the founder of the SMI and a close collaborator with Naço, was also present at the same ceremony. During his speech before the media, Naço said that Albania did not need political experiments, expressing "loyalty" to his new family.
"The country needs to move forward, I have been part of the government cabinet, my contribution has probably been modest, but the commitment to Justice Reform has been very great. Today I am with Mr. Klosi but what I mean is that in the future I will be by his side," he said.
Asked why he left the SMI, Naço expressed his disapproval, implying that he did not agree with the political line that was being followed. But he still avoided using names.
"Albania no longer needs political experiments, it does not need people who are vassals, it needs to represent the citizens who want their votes to back the left. Experiments are a thing of the past. I have said before that the future belongs to the progressive socialists," Naço added.
While the first political transition took place, no comment has yet come as SMI officials have chosen to quietly 'ignore' his abandonment of party ranks. /