SMI Deputy Joins Ruling Socialists as Minister Confident for SP's Third Mandate

Another MP has abandoned the ranks of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) joining the ruling Socialist Party (SP). It is about the SMI deputy in Tepelena, Ediola Braha, who has already decided to join the SP.
In his message on "Facebook" on Sunday, Minister Bledar Çuçi emphasized that the engagement with the SMI and the vote for that party is a wasted opportunity.
There is no longer any doubt that the party that the opposition leader has called the "Venice Merchant Shpk" is heading for total disintegration and will take the final blow on April 25. Engagement with the SMI and votes for it is a wasted opportunity. Albanians are clear about that and will prove it with a vote," he said.
Further on the Socialist Minister said it is not being discussed the third mandate in the April 25 elections, rather the SP is in a battle between the future and the past.
"They are the past of chaos and ruin that no longer deserve trust," Cuci noted. /