SMI's Kryemadhi Claims Rama Went to Turkey to Prepare His Political Asylum

The chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi has said that PM Edi Rama's visit to Turkey was a visit to prepare his political asylum.
Commenting on Rama's visit to Turkey on 6-7 January in a TV talk show on Friday, she said the head of the Albanian government went to a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan to seek political asylum.
Kryemadhi stated that the SMI will not allow any agreement that violates the territorial integrity of Albania.
"I do not intend to comment on the President of Turkey because it is his behavior. You can not stop him, I am not his voter and I cannot judge him. I want to judge my Prime Minister in this very serious and problematic situation for Albania, such as the pandemic and catastrophic floods as entire cities are out of control. Hundreds of thousands of families live in tents due to the earthquake.We hear a big noise that Edi Rama will inaugurate the hospital of Fier on April 7," she said.
Kryemadhi, who is also the wife of President Ilir Meta, pointed out that she would not want Rama's visit to be a visit that would create spaces for unconstitutional and anti-Albanian agreements that violate Albania's integrity and sovereignty in relation to geostrategic games that Edi Rama may seek to play in search of a political asylum.
"I say that his visit to Turkey was a visit to prepare his political asylum. Any agreement that will be signed by Rama secretly from the SMI not only will not be recognized, but any person who knew and did not stop it will be prosecuted," Kryemadhi warned. /