Snap Election Set to Be Held on 14 February in Kosovo as Decreed by Acting President

Kosovo will hold snap parliamentary elections on 14 February 2021 after the Constitutional Court ruled last month that the parliamentary confirmation of the government in June 2019 was illegal and the country should hold new general elections.
The President’s Office has issued a statement announcing that acting President Vjosa Osmani has dissolved the Parliament and called the new parliamentary election on 14 February.
“Based on the constitutional responsibilities and the Constitutional Court’s Judgment No. KO-95/20, and after consultations with the political parties in parliament and the Central Election Commission, acting President, Dr. Vjosa Osmani, has decided to call early parliamentary election on 14 February 2021,” the President’s Office said in its statement.
Acting President urged the CEC to take all necessary actions to organize and hold elections for the 120-member Parliament of Kosovo. She also issued a decree dissolving the seventh legislation of the Parliament of Kosovo. /