Speaker Lauds PM Rama Unveiling How Proud He Is of the 'Uncompetitive Leader'

In one of the most demonstration of special veneration and dedication to the leader, Speaker Gramoz Ruci has declared that Edi Rama, Socialist Party Chairman and PM, has no other rival and is uncompetitive  making Socialists proud of him.
"We are proud to have leader Edi Rama, leaders must have vision, ambition and energy. We have our leader to be represented because of these three qualities that every leader must have. No other competitor has them besides Edi Rama," said Ruçi
Further on the Speaker, who has been Interior Minister of the communist regime before its fall in 1990s, said that Rama has three qualities-  vision, ambition and energy that a leader should have and he has no other competitor in Albania.
"There are many vacancies for deputies and then we will find out who will compete," said Ruçi.
In the frame of the preparation for April 25 poll Socialist Party has launched the campaign the "MP we want".
So far SP has selected 58 names for the second phase of the "MP we want" process. The news was given by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who stressed that some of these 58 names will be on the list of elections on April 25.

SP leaders including Rama are very confident that they will win a third mandate to govern Albania. /argumentum.al