The 553rd Anniversary of Death of Albania's National Hero Skanderbeg Marked on January 17

"Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg will forever remain the pole star of our nation." With these words President Ilir Meta marked the
553rd anniversary of the death of the National Hero of Albania on January 17, on Sunday, 2021.
The President described Skanderbeg as "the most unifying symbol, who knew how to unite us in a Great Covenant, when our being was more endangered than ever. The most alive Albanian among living Albanians."
Further on he said Skanderbeg is the main determinant and the most dignified passport of Albania's European affiliation. "He is our National Hero and of the United Europe. Our pride, inspiration, power and glory," said Meta.
In the meantime, the Foreign Ministry has distributed on social networks a video showing the busts of the legendary hero in several countries of the world: Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Switzerland, USA, etc.
Meanwhile, as part of this anniversary, another monument to Skanderbeg is inaugurated this Sunday in the Italian city of Bari.
Also, within 2021, the new bust of Skanderbeg is expected to be inaugurated in Hungary, while efforts continue to initiate the erection of other monuments in other countries./