Trump - Horror and Shame!

By Dr. Jorgji Kote
"Trump - horror and shame! So was the 45th President of the United States!" has pointed out renowned diplomat and analyst Dr. Jorgji Kote in a comment carried exclusively by the portal on Monday.
"It tarnished the model of democracy with its 240-year tradition, image and international credibility," Kote said in the contribution which follows:
Trump - horror and shame! So it was with the 45th President of the United States! For the first time since 1792, he violated the tradition of a friendly presidency transition;
overshadowed Joe Biden's inauguration with attacks on Capitol Hill, arming Washington "to the teeth" on January 20, and so on.
Trump is not a "democratic accident" but a typical phenomenon of neo-populism, right-wing extremism, racism, divisiveness and authoritarianism that seeks to "sit down cross-legged" in the temple of world democracy.

The question "What happened" requires endless analysis, programs and explanations. In the meantime it is required a comprehensive in-depth by the 46th Presidency for the US to remain at the helm of democracies and world leadership. As for Trump: "Never, never again"! /