Warning: Albania in Worst Days of Spread of Coronavirus since Its outbreak

The Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Health, Dritan Ulqinaku said on Euronews Albania TV on Tuesday that the situation of the coronavirus in Albania should be taken seriously.
"I would consider it better to raise the alarm than to sleep on the laurels. Almost 900 cases a day is a situation that we have to take very seriously," he said.
Ulqinaku stressed that the country is probably in the worst days of the spread of coronavirus since its outbreak last March.
"We must not leave it to chance, we must really reflect that the evil has not passed and on the contrary we are probably in the worst days of this COVID," he said.
Regarding the new COVID mutations, the doctor stressed that a new type of virus is circulating in Albania, but it has not yet been precisely identified.
"It is a different virus, it is a coronavirus, but different from the coronavirus that has circulated so far in our country. But we are not yet able to say whether it is from Brazil, or South Africa or England," said Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Health.
"We have the capacity, but we have not yet reached the final stage. However we are on the path of identifying it," said the doctor, when asked on the identification of this virus./argumentum.al