We Want to Have the Right to a Referendum!"

The above headline has been the appeal reiterated by the Chairman of the Vetëvendosje Movement (Self Determination), Albin Kurti, who spoke about the national union of Kosovo with Albania.
In an online conversation with Oxford Political Review Editor-in-Chief Brian Wong and editor Nicholas Leah, Kurti said there should be a referendum on Kosovo joining Albania, according to reports by local media on Saturday.
"We want the right to a referendum, we also do not want to see violence as a way to unite," he said, adding that Kosovo should have a referendum not only for unification with Albania, but should have that right.
In conclusion VV's head told readers of "Oxford Political Review" the following:
"If this is done in a democratic way, we are in favor of unification and the result must be respected, but in no way do we want to start a third Balkan war." /argumentum.al