11,000 Vacinations Made Since January 1, 2021 as Thursday Called 'Black Day' with 21 Fatalities

Editor's note

The situation in COVID hospitals in Albania where there are no more free beds is very critical. In a direct connection ā€˜News24ā€™ TV reported on Friday that 9 ambulances were seen in the Infectious Diseases Hospital from morning until noon.
Referring to sources inside the hospital the journalist said that everything depends on the number of free beds and that ambulances come when there are vacancies. Among other things, the journalist said that currently great attention is being paid to regional hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus as the entire influx of the infected people reaches Tirana.
It is to be noted that 7 people died in Sanatorium, while in the COVID 1, 3 and 4 hospitals 14 patients passed away bringing the total to 21 fatalities in the last 24 hours.
But the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu said on Friday the vaccination of the medical staff goes on in Tirana.
"We will continue on Saturday and Sunday with the medical staff and the elderly over 80. There are about 11,000 vaccinations performed so far," said the Minister.
According to her, the next shipment from Pfizer will come next week and it is expected that another shipment in the frame of the contract with Covax will arrive in the first 10 days of March. About 14,400 doses are planned, which are expected to come as a result of this agreement concluded and prepaid by the Albanian government," said Manastirliu.
Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has expressed his great concern about the government's failure to take other additional measures against COVID-19 considering Thursday the darkest day of the pandemic in Albania in a post on FB on Friday.
Berisha called it criminal indifference by Prime Minister Edi Rama, an inhuman attitude and lack of responsibility.
"Yesterday (Thursday) was the blackest day of the pandemic! 21 fatalities, but in fact 5.2 times more, so at least 100 patients died both in hospitals and at home. Surrel's ignorance, in a criminal act, blocked the anti-Covid measures," Berisha said.
"The last two days, according to official figures, due to the extreme mismanagement of the pandemic there have been two more deaths than the deaths officially announced from March 10 to May 31, 2020. According to official statistics, which hide 80% of deaths, the month of February has had the highest number of fatalities since the outbreak of the pandemic," said DP's veteran leader.
Being on the same wavelength with Berisha the chief of the Public Health Institute, Silva Bino told the media on Friday that the high number of hospitalization and fatalities is an alarming bell.
"We will check the progress of the situation next Monday and relevant measures will be taken," Bino said./argumentum.al