Alarm Raised by Technical Committee on Aggravating Pandemic Situation in Albania

The Technical Committee of Experts on the pandemic on Monday reported on the situation in Albania during January and according to its members the incidence of infections, victims and hospitalizations has increased significantly this month. Also, according to the head of the National Emergency Service, Skënder Brataj, the number of calls and visits to apartments for people seeking help from the Emergency has increased.
"Last week there has been an increase in the number of C19 infected cases. The weekly incidence has increased to 209 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. It seems drastic and significant increase because it has been below 200. We notice increase in 2-week incidence. This is combined with a growth of hospitalization and an increase in the number of deaths. The biggest increase is in Tirana, but there is also an increase in Durrës and Fier. The largest increase is in Saranda. There is a gradual increase in all municipalities of the country," said IPH director Silva Bino.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Health, Mira Rakacolli said that the suspension of flights with Great Britain will continue. Regarding the return of students to universities, Rakacolli said that they are working with the Ministry of Education to assess the possibility of their returning only for the exam season./