Albania and Romania Eyeing New Avenues of Bilateral Cooperation as Bucharest's Top Diplomat to Tirana Presents Credentials

Albania is grateful for Romania's continued support in the process of its integration process seeing the historical relations between the peoples as the foundation of the relationship between the two countries.
This message was conveyed by President Ilir Meta during a meeting with the new Ambassador of Romania, Octavian Serban on the occasion of the presentation of his Credentials Letters in Tirana on Friday.
President Meta wished Ambassador Serban success in his mission in Albania for the further strengthening of the traditionally very good relations between the two peoples and countries.
The Head of State stressed the need to strengthen economic and trade cooperation and use mutual opportunities in the interest of the citizens of both countries.
President Meta thanked the Ambassador for Romania's assistance in coping with the consequences and the reconstruction of the areas affected by the November 2019 earthquake.
In addition he expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador for the continuous support of Romania in the process of integration of Albania and the region in the European Union.
"At the core of historical relations between our peoples lies the precious activity of the Albanian diaspora in Romania for the preservation of Albanian tradition, language and culture, but especially its valuable contribution to the proclamation of Albania's Independence in 1912," said President Meta. /