Albania under 'Reign' of Water from Shkodra to Vlora Due to Heavy Rainfalls

Dozens of families havebeen evacuated from the northwestern neighborhoods of northern city of Shkodra on Thursday night due to the risk of flooding. The Buna River has overflowed due to rainfall and Shkodra Lake, the largest in the Balkans, also has huge inflows. The Drini River is also overflown and discharges from three HPPs continue making the situation worse.
This information was made public by the City Hall's press office on Thursday which said that there has been an increase in the water level from inflows, discharges, precipitation throughout the territory in Shkodra during the last 24 hours.
"At 7.00 am today, the Buna River overflowed its banks. The rising level of the lake has created circulation difficulties in some neighborhoods of the city, surrounding the territory that lies in the northwestern part of the city in neighborhoods no.1 and no. 2, in Livadhe, Xhabije, Tophana, Zoteknikë, houses in Tepe neighborhood, Perash."
During Wednesday night, the fire brigade worked to remove water from the houses which had water in their yards, preventing damage to some houses.
In the meantime it is announced that
1800 ha of agricultural land is flooded in the villages of Darragjat, Shirq, Mushan, Suka-Dajç, Belaj, Rrushkull, Samrish i Ri, Pentar-plain area etc.
In some agricultural lands the water height reaches 2 meters. The need for food supply for people and animal husbandary remains primary concern, said local sources. Demands to declare the state of emergency have been ignored by the government so far.
Heavy rains that have covered the entire territory of the country during Wednesday night and Thursday morning have brought back the floods to the southern city of Vlora.
Some of the main roads are under water, while the axes that connect Vlora Skelë boulevard with the Trans-Balkan road are problematic.
Small vessels and fishing boats are suspended to go out at sea. International transport of passengers and vehicles continues normally without interruption in Vlora port.

The improvement of hydrometeorological conditions is expected on 12.02.2021 by 06:00 and the following hours. /