Albanian Speaker Greets Japan's National Holiday Revealing 2022 Will Mark Centenary of Bilateral Relations

"Relations between Albania and Japan are very good and next year our bilateral relations will turn a century old," said Speaker Gramoz Ruci in a congratulatory letter sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan, Tadamori Oshima, on the occasion of the National Holiday.
"On the occasion of the National Holiday, the Day of the Founding of Japan, I send you the most cordial greetings of the Albanian Parliament and my personal. The celebration of this landmark date of the foundation and history of the Japanese nation is an opportunity to reaffirm the love and commitment to the nation and its future," said the letter released by the Speaker's press office on Saturday.
National Foundation Day (Kenkoku Kinen no Hi) is the annual national holiday in Japan on February 11, celebrating the foundation of Japan, enforced by a specific Cabinet Order set in 1966.
Speaker Ruci took the opportunity to express his gratitude for the assistance provided during these years by Japan, which is one of the most important donor countries for Albania.
Japan has provided about $ 400 million in financial support in the form of grants, assistance for economic cooperation, soft loans in education, health, infrastructure, environment, energy, etc. while 15 agreements have been signed between the two countries and several others are in process.

"I would also like to appreciate the growing geopolitical interest of Japan in the region through the Cooperation Initiative with the Western Balkans, which creates new opportunities for cooperation with Albania and the countries of the region," Speaker Gramoz Ruci wrote in his congratulatory letter. /