Albania's President Warns PM to Abide by Constitution Regarding Maritime Talks with Greece

"I will not accept the violation of the state and national interests of Albania by any individual who abuses the authority delegated by the Albanian people," has told
President Ilir Meta to a group of civil society activists and members of the academic world engaged in the "Our Roots" Academy.
The meeting was asked by the latter who expressed their concerns regarding the issue of negotiations with Greece on the delimitation of maritime zones between the two countries.
In the course of the meeting on Wednesday President informed them that the incumbent Prime Minister, Edi Rama has not held consultations on the issue. Furthemore Rama has not requested or has been provided with any authorization by the President under the obligation of the decision of the Constitutional Court of 2010 to negotiate or to discuss the issue of the delimitation of maritime zones with Greece on behalf of the Republic of Albania, said Meta who added that no request was made to decide or agree on whether this issue would be forwarded to any international courts for being considered.
In addition, President informed the participants about all his efforts to resolve this very important issue in respect of the Constitution, the decision of the Constitutional Court and through institutional cooperation.
"I assure all Albanian citizens that I will continue to exercise my duties with maximum state and constitutional responsibility and that I will not accept for any moment that the state and national interests of the Republic of Albania are violated by any individual who abuses of delegated authorit by the Albanian people," said President Meta.
In conclusion, Albania's head of state conveyed the following message: "I remind once again the representatives of institutions at the entire hierarchical state level, the obligation and responsibility they have for the full compatibility of their activity in the service of state and national interests.They must strictly fulfill their legal responsibilities in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic."