Appeal That Albanians Should Be Equal to Anti- Covid Vaccination

President Ilir Meta has declared that all citizens should be vaccinated and considers class differentiation unacceptable.
"Citizens should be vaccinated en masse. It is unacceptable 'class differentiation,'" wrote Meta on "Facebook" on Thursday.
President's stance comes a day after Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that it is the turn of the old personalities to be vaccinated. Such a statement has sparked much discussion in Albania.
"We will continue with another number of elderly people who are personalities and we must keep them alive and not just remember them holding speeches when they pass away," Rama said on Wednesday.
Academician Artan Fuga considered Rama's above statement a "crime".
Through a message on "Facebook" on Thursday academician Fuga expressed revolt over that statement, saying human life is worth the same as for one who has worked 40 years in a mine, as a Nobel laureate, as a man who has served time in prison, like a person being left without school but is a loving grandmother. /