DP’s Head Pledges to Repeal Property Law within First 3 Months of His Governance

Confident of winning the April 25 parliamentary elections the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has said the revocation of the anti-constitutional property law is one of the first decisions expected to be taken by the new government allegedly to be headed by him.

Basha made that announcement during the unveiling of the property program to DP militants in Tirana on Sunday saying the missing justice will be restored without which neither the economy nor the society can move forward in harmony in Albania. According to him, the repeal of the law will take place within the first 3 months of the DP government.

"Thank you once again for participating in this meeting which finalizes a nearly 2-year work of our experts and a close and sincere cooperation with the representatives of the rightful owners," said the DP chief.

Basha guaranteed electors for his political and personal commitment to the restitution and compensation process as well as to transparency and to end any previous dragging procedures with the undoing of these injustices done during the last 8 years that have led in fact to a second expropriation of owners. "This first commitment of ours will become a reality within the first 3 months of government. The repeal of the current law and bylaws, the complete repeal of the law on the completion of transitional ownership processes and the entry into force of a law which is a product of consultation and principles embodied in our political program will be the first fruits of the restoration of the missing justice without which neither the economy nor society can move forward in harmony.”

In addition he promised to work hard to move forward solving the problem by considering the solution of the property problem as one of the key steps to strengthen the economy and thus laying a sound and immovable foundation for all other aspects of democracy like freedom of speech, individual rights and the faith as a European country and society.

"During this dark 8-year chapter not only no step forward was taken but once again the trauma of the first expropriation by the dictatorship has come back and to close it I ask you to unite to bring the change that we know very well the vast majority of Albanians can hardly wait for,” said the DP head. /argumentum.al