Editor's note/ PM Surprises Albanians Saying What He Has Done Isn't Worth for People to Be Happy

"What we need is to work non-stop and patiently resist in the face of difficulties, in the face of inherited obstacles, or those of the unexpected situations that come our way, such as the two major shocks, the earthquake and the pandemic," PM Edi Rama has said.
This unexpected piece of advice was given to Albanians during a meeting he had with locals of Gjirokastra, southern Albania, on Saturday in the frame of an electoral tour in southern part of the country considered as the stronghold of the ruling Socialist Party.
For the first time Rama has admitted that what his governance has done is not worth asking for people to be happy.
In earlier statements Rama and his aids compared wellbeing of Albanians as the best in the region comparing even with that of Germany and France. In the meantime none of his promises during the previous electoral campaigns in 2014 and 2017 have not been kept particularly in opening up job places, free health care, increase of pensions.
Speaking on the pending projects of the airports of Vlora and Kukes, PM announced that the winner of the international competition for these airports is expected to be announced these days.
According to him, this process was accompanied by delays due to the situation with the pandemic.
"I hope that these days we have the winner of the international competition that became like Rozafa legend, pandemic, opening-closing, credit, thirst. Here in Gjirokastra we are talking about two aerodromes, which will be for tourist use," said Rama.
During his electoral visit he also showed the plans he has made together with a company from the United Arab Emirates, which will invest in the construction of the tourist port of Durrës, but also in the virgin area of ​​Përmeti.
According to Rama, the group charged by the crown prince has shown interest in numerous investments. They have seen Përmet as one of the areas with the greatest potential for tourism development in the next decade, he pledged.
Rama did not fail to ridicule the program presented by the opposition Democratic Party as an unrealistic platform. Earlier he called Lulzim Basha's platform as a program without a backbone and weak like the DP head is himself.