Electoral Campaign Launched to Elect 120-member Parliament in Kosovo

The campaign for the Kosovo’s early election was officially launched on Wednesday which will last nine days concluding on 12 February, with one day of electoral silence before voting begins at 07:00 on 14 February. This year because of COVID-19 pandemics, political parties have not organised big rallies to kick off the campaign, local media said on Wednesday.
Those heading to the polls will have 28 political entities to choose from for a 120-seat Parliament of Kosovo. The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has certified the election roll with 1,794,862, or 143,000 voters fewer than in parliamentary election in 2019.
The CEC has decided to remove from the electoral roll all those who have expired IDs or issued by UNMIK. According to the CEC, the UNMIK documents will not be valid to identify on the election day. Also, the CEC has removed from the list 11,086 people who have been removed from the pension scheme and are presumed deceased.
The CEC has also certified the final list of voters living outside Kosovo. The CEC has confirmed also more than 100,000 voters living abroad who will be eligible to vote by-mail starting on Wednesday until 14 February. /argumentum.al