German Entrepreneurs Skeptic about Business Environment in Albania

A great opportunity for business cooperation between Albania and Germany has remained untapped as German and foreign companies continue to express too often their skepticism about the business environment in Albania.
This opinion was expressed by German Ambassador to Tirana Peter Zingraf during a DIHA event which was held on Wednesday.
The German entrepreneurs ask if they can find enough legal certainty and transparency in Albania, he said in the presence of DIHA President Stephanie Sieg, Minister of Finance and Economy Anila Denaj, Minister of State Eduard Shalsi and representatives of DIHA and other international organizations.
Ambassador Zingraf stressed that Germany stands by Albania in times of crisis.
"A turbulent economic climate affected by the Covid-19 pandemic last year and pending expectations for the next tax year: this is the result of a survey of DIHA member enterprises, which was presented during an virtual event on Wednesday," said the German embassy in Tirana in a press release
But the Ambassador drew attention to the fact that the pandemic is not the only one responsible for these stagnant expectations.
"Although trade volume between Germany and Albania has increased in recent years and important steps towards EU integration have been taken, some great potential continues to remain untapped," he said.
Further on the Ambassador agreed with the question put by German entrepreneurs who ask if they can find enough legal certainty and transparency in the country.

"Despite many efforts, there is a need to take further steps in order to improve the investment climate and the country's economic development to move forward. Legal security and transparency are crucial here. The continuation of justice and administration reform remains essential for democracy, the economy and European integration," said Ambassador Zingraf. /