Loss of Future of Albania's Economy Not Due to Virus But by Government!

By Nikollaq Neranxi

We are in a time of pandemics and the daily losses of lives is hurting us a lot. But it shouldn't be looked for losses only in hospitals. Today Albania is losing its future and it is not the virus that is responsible, rather it's the government. The business is plunging into abyss, it is sickening and no one has eyes to look at it.
Is anyone impressed by the fact that austerity measures in pandemic times are not accompanied by stimulus measures?
Orders are given that bars and restaurants will close at 8pm, but no solution is given as to what will be done with the missing profit for these businesses and what will be done with the businesses related to this sector?
The governors who have taken over running this country apparently do not know what a business plan means and what a blow it gets when that plan fails!
They even do not take the trouble to think about how a business will survive as taxes are required like at a normal time and its store is closed because it is pandemic time.
No mitigation measures so far, no promises, no light at the end of the tunnel, only jokes and pranks by the prime minister
in election propaganda meetings.
Meanwhile it is the other side of the coin; they are Albanian and foreign business associations and chambers of commerce. No word on the situation, no reaction, no ultimatum to the government by them, not even by foreigners who have decided to do business in Albania as they know well how business is being helped in their relevant countries.
In conclusion, I tell all of you entrepreneurs and associations that you fully deserve Rama's systematic rape in face of this attitude you are maintaining.
Do you find it impossible to face the evil that has befallen you because you are caught or cowardls?
"Impossible is a word found only in the vocabulary of fools," has said Bonaparte.
Meanwhile, it strikes my mind the famous saying that politics is the second oldest profession in the world. Apparently it seems that in Albania the first is that of the entrepreneur as there is no other option!
So dear entrepreneurs, you understand by yourself what you are, how you are behaving and how you look in front of the society! /argumentum.al