Montenegro's PM 'Forgets' to Wish Kosovo, Skopje's President Believes in Progress of Ties with Kosovo in His Message

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić has not wished Kosovo on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Independence which was marked on Wednesday.
This was noticed by the Montenegrin analyst, Ljubomir Filipovic who posted a comment on this action of the head of the Montenegrin executive on Twitter.
The only one in this government who has congratulated the independence of Montenegro has been Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazoviç, an Albanian Montenegrin politician, but even he did not do it on the official website of the government. Abazovic posted his congratulations to Kosovo on his social networks. Filipovic emphasized on Twitter that Prime Minister Krivokapić did not even bother to send a congratulatory message to Kosovo.
This has not escaped the attention of the mayor of Tuz, Nik Gjeloshaj, who after congratulating the independence emphasized that Kosovo is the second Albanian republic.
Since last summer, Montenegro has had a new government led by Prime Minister Krivokapić, a government which, according to many regional analysts, has the backing of Belgrade.
Meanwhile, the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski wished Kosovo independence in Albanian.
"I believe that North Macedonia and Kosovo will advance cooperation and good neighborly relations in the spirit of joint efforts for a democratic and prosperous Europe," Pendarovski said in his message. /