Online Learning in Albania's Pre-university Education Institutions Next Week

All pre-university education procedures will be held according to the third scenario of online learning for next week from 15 to 19 February 2021 due to falling temperatures and heavy snowfall in the entire territory of Albania.
This was the important announcement for all schools in the country by the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi released on Saturday.
According to IGJEUM forecasts, a very significant drop in temperatures and heavy snowfall is expected in most of the territory of this Balkan country.
"For this reason, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth decided to shift all our pre-university education institutions to the third scenario of online learning for next week, from 15 to 19 February 2021," said a note posted by the minister on Twitter. In addition, she announced that in cooperation with the General Directorate of Pre-University Education, as well as all education offices and regional directorates in the country, intensive work is being done to take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth running of this process.
In the meantime the medical bulletin released by official health authorities said there were 12 fatalities mounting to 1543 the death toll since the outbreak of the pandemic last March in Albania. The number of the new coronavirus infections was 1152 during the last 24 hours, according to the medical bulletin. /