President Has No Comment on US Lauding of Judge Dvorani But Ridicules PM's 'Praise Certificates'

President Ilir Meta has avoided direct reference on the praise by US State Department for Ardian Dvorani, the former head of the Justice Appointments Council (KED), a controversial institution in the ongoing justice reform in Albania, from 2019 to 2020, focusing on the reaction of PM Edi Rama.
Meta said in a press conference on Wednesday that Rama proclaimed praise certificate for his 'successes' which does not surprise me. "His attempt to glorify himself and Ramaforma are part state capture, this is the SHPK."
The US State Department has included Judge Ardian Dvorani among 12 worldwide “anticorruption champions” for his work with justice reform in Albania.
PM Rama reacted to the news on Tuesday by praising the US for its support of the reform, and Dvorani for his work and resistance against “evil”, while slamming the judge’s critics among politicians and the media.
Meta and Dvorani were involved in a harsh fight ending with the latter's dismissal from his post last year.
Referring to Rama's reactions President said: "These are like the praise certificates that the (former communist) Labor Party received as the Mexican award, while people in Albania were dying for bread."
In the meantime the head of state recalled the manifestation of March 2, 2020, while emphasizing that the mimosas have blossomed, despite the pandemic.
"If my former party, the SMI, represents the oligarchy, everyone should vote against, if it represents only 3-4 names, vote against. If it promotes the depopulation of Albania, it is urgent to leave it without any votes. If it tries to buy vote and do other nonsense, everyone must vote against it," said the President. /