President Holds Accountable PM for Leading Albania to Catastrophe Kneeling Down to Covid-19

President Ilir Meta has accused the government of leading the country to disaster as it has no plans to control the coronavirus pandemic.
"Confusing, changeable, non-transparent vaccination plans cannot be an alibi to abandon severely infected citizens and dozens who are daily losing their lives," Meta said in a press conference on Friday.
According to a press release by the Ministry of Health on Friday, another high number of infections has been recorded, which is 1071 new cases over the last 24 hours but the number of victims mounted to 19 people, which is the highest death toll ever registered.
Currently, 618 patients are being treated in CovĂ­d hospitals in Tirana and in the regional ones, and 41 are in intensive care, of which 12 patients on ventilation.
In face of what is happening Meta said
there is nothing serious in the government tackling the pandemic other than the commitment of medical staff.
"It does not cost the government that Remdesivir is given Albanians for free and not to take medicines at a price 7 times more expensive, and those who do not take them know that they have fatal consequences," said the President.
The irony of what is happening in Albania is that the vaccination process has been turned into a show by PM Edi Rama as this country has an insignificant anti coronavirus vaccines with scarce sources to vaccinate at least the vulnerable people./