Rama Says Each Candidate in Next Election Responsible, Opposition Eyes Such Stance Against US Ambassador's Suggestion

"It is a personal responsibility to each candidate if he is convicted or has a criminal record."
This is how Prime Minister Edi Rama answered the question of the journalists this Monday, regarding the statement of US Ambassador Yuri Kim about the non-inclusion of incriminated persons in the candidate lists for the parliamentary elections to be held on April 25 this year in Albania.
After this statement came the reaction from the number two of the opposition Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi. Through a Facebook post, Bardhi describes Rama's statement as shameful and harmful, adding that he was worried as it damaged Albania's international status.
"Rama's response to the US request that his party not include criminals on the list is shameful and harmful. Once again Rama shamed Albania and damaged its international status," Bardhi said.
In addition he said that after 8 years during which Rama destroyed Albania and it's economy now he is worsening relations with the United States of America and the European Union. /argumentum.al