Rama Says It's Not Surprising to Turn Eyes towards Chinese Vaccine as North Macedonia

Speaking at the "Mother Teresa" airport on Monday receiving 7020 more doses of antiCovid vaccines from Pfizer, Prime Minister Edi Rama revealed that he had received a written promise from another country to bring to Albania 360,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in April.
Rama said that it is not surprising that Albania, like North Macedonia can turn its eyes towards the Chinese vaccine at a time when the EU does not respond to his country.
"From the beginning we have followed what is the framework where we feel part and want to integrate, the EU," Rama said but refered to North Macedonia which as he claimed was forced to turn to China to get the vaccine. He felt reluctant that the EU is not yet able to distribute at least one box to all countries in the region.
However PM said the extension of vaccination will begin in Vlora and Shkodra this week following the arrival of Monday's doses and with the expectation of obtaining 40,000 doses that have been confirmed. Nevertheless Rama told Albanians that there are some countries in the Balkans that have no concrete plans to start vaccination.