'Ramavaccination' of "personalities" a Social Ugliness Sparking Very Strong and Legitimate Anger in Albania

"Any scientific medical criteria and indication that teaches us that the most vulnerable are not biologically endangered, not even in relation to their professions or merits, but the health risk they are faced with, are violated," said SMI Vice Chairman Petrit Vasili.
The anti- Covid vaccination resumed with some well-known personalities of Albanian art and politics, who are in their 80s in Tirana on Sunday morning. They were picked up according to a scheme framed by PM Edi Rama which Vasili described as 'Ramavaccination' in a post on FB.
Vasili said the vaccination of "personalities" was a ridiculous propaganda act which only created a collective outcry changing nothing anything in failed administration of the pandemic by the most incompetent prime minister ever seen.
"The Ramavaccination of "personalities" was a social ugliness, which has caused very strong and legitimate anger because many people with outstanding values ​​should watch on TV how other people with completely the same values ​​as them given by Rama's selection the right to life and vaccination, while denying that right to them."
In addition he said Ramavaccination of "personalities" violated the sacred family feelings of Albanians, because Ramasselection imposed that some elderly people called "personalities" should live and hundreds of thousands of other mothers and fathers do not.
Vasili said thousands of boys and girls see with great anger this excluding selection for their loving parents just because Ramaselection needs a bunch of well-known names to put them on the seat of his chair, which trembles and shakes.
"About 900,000 vaccines are needed only for the elderly who are over 400,000 in Albania," said the number two of SMI.