SP's Balla Says There Are No Untouchables by 'New Judiciary' in Albania

The detention of Kruja Judge Enekelda Hoxha and a number of other officials, including the doctor of QSUT, Edvin Prifti by Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) is a meaningful case of the functioning of new justice reform institutions, said the head of the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla in a TV talk show on Saturday.
"The case of the judge is the most meaningful case of the functioning of the new institutions of justice reform. The work of SPAK culminated with a file of 13 detainees," he said highlighting the detention of Dr. Edvin Prifti as involved in the interception of this investigation.
"This is a message to all those who have had doubts that justice reform was not producing the right institutions. There is also a message to all those who think that they have escaped from justice reform. Today we are in the conditions that the new justice is gaining the trust of the citizens," said Balla.
Asked when time will come for SPAK to hit politicians as well, Balla responded by saying that those considered untouchables are behind bars. "The fact that they are being hit does not make me have any doubt that the process will continue. The new judiciary is independent and as such does not ask if you are a politician, businessman, employee of justice institutions with or without money," said SP's number two Balla.
Some 13 persons, including a judge, Enkeleida Hoxha, two doctors, a defence lawyer and some private citizens, facing corruption charges were arrested by SPAK last Thursday. /argumentum.al